Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tuesday is for television

I've watched a lot of the tellie today. I hope this is not a trend.
I can not begin to exault to the fact that Brooke Sheilds is on L&O:Criminal Intent tonight. With Donofrio and Kathryn Erbe. Not the Chris Noth pseudo version.
I dig Brooke. Besides the fact that she is half Italian, and she survived by being managed by a lunatic mother; I just dig her so much.
Maybe it's because we are the same age (Keanu, Johnny Depp, et al).
Maybe it's because she prevailed after asshole Cruise's shitstorm towards her.

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Bart said...

I love Brooke, too. I used to swallow the Post and the News whole when I was 10/11/12 reading about Brooke and Andy and Calvin and Bianca and wanna be at Studio and Xenon and not understand why if she could, I couldn't...