Friday, October 20, 2006

Grassy knowles

My head is going to implode. These Republicans have a commercial which has Bin Laden's face and a ticking time bomb voice over in the backround.
I want to scream. I want to tackle this asshole commander in chief.
Thanks for making us a paranoid state.
Look at these asshole politicians. They all think they are in the ring. How does any country which considers themselves free have so much polorizing views?
We are not free. We are so seperated. Besides asswipe coming for the UN meetings, when was the last time in the last 6 years that Bush has been in New York? Does he visit any sates? This is like 'America's jumping the shark' with this guy in command. And i blame everyone over 18for not voting.
I know, I am going to get my ass out there to get fags to vote. Maybe there is a j/o slash voting booth in Chelsea?
We are not only the laughingstock, but also the biggest target.

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