Saturday, October 07, 2006

Take a vacation from Procreation

I know it's not elderly crankiness on my part. I think babies are cute and my nieces and nephews mean the world to me.
That said, I am amazed at the halcyon dazed mothers raising these brats today. If these holy terrors are not bad enough in supermarkets; throwing tantrums, opening foods and or throwing jars to exploding salsa messes on aisle 4, we now have kids on roller skating sneakers barreling down the aisles, slamming into shoppers (namely me) and not apologizing, all while their mothers stare blankly ahead and wheel their carts. The obliviousness of their satanic offsprings' destruction upon other shoppers is like a white noise to these Stepford Shop-Riters.
I've worked in instances where (either in Hotel or Restaurant work) families convened, and I would say no matter how classy or casual the establishment, the wrath of these children knows neither racial nor monetary bounds.
Tips increased when I would tell the parents how well behaved their brood was, but those words were not spurted often.
I'm not blaming the mothers, although my mom raised 4 boys while working two jobs and she did a hell of a job (in regard to manners, respect and appreciation). The absent fathers are not around because most are indulging in their own spoiled behaviors.

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