Friday, October 27, 2006

Smashing Pumpkins

I'm not into the whole Halloween thing. You know how some (straight) guys just CAN NOT wait to get into drag and see if perhaps they would be a hot chick? I know a lot of gay muscle dudes do the same thing as well. Anyway, I was living on Thompson St. At the time of this great shindig going down. The twist was, everyone had to be in costume. I kind of fail in the creativity department when it comes to these things.
I went to 'Abracadabra' (an all year round costume/prop store) on the 31st and just walked around and around in like this cluster fucked haze of ambivalence. I left, but I had my eye on this fake Academy Award I spied. I went home and looked at the invite again and pumped up my motivation (a drink may have been involved). I went back to Abracadabra and this time I noticed this dreadlocked wig.
Whoopie Goldberg had just won an Academy Award a year or so before. I bought the wig and the award. I went to 14th street and bought this tacky dress and some size 11 heels. Then I saw these black gloves with pink nails attatched (WTF!). I went to CVS and bought this CoverGirl Cappuchino foundation.
Before I left my house I snapped a few pictures.
The bottom of my building was this restaurant with a facade of floor to ceiling windows. it was 9:30 pm and as always, it was packed. When i walked past the first window I looked in. Someone pointed at me and suddenly everyone in the restaurant was looking. I held up my Academy Award and mouthed in a not very politically correct accent, "I Won". God almighty, I must have been so drunk or delussional. The party was near The Palladium (14th street), and I decided to walk the whole way. What was I thinking? I'm this white boy dressed as a black woman in the East Village! I got stopped so often to take pictures with tourists and the like. The party was disappointing based upon all the build up in my mind. I think I came in third for best costume. I wish i could scan this picture for you, but lacking a scanner, I can't.
This Halloween I'm going to check out Cary Brothers @ The Living Room.

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