Monday, October 23, 2006

Just like Yesterday

I was working at 'Lemon' which was in itself a freaking lemon, but this was 1996. Fuck! I can not believe it.
The only reason why I know this is because Alanis M. came out with a 10 year retrospective on her album.
We were holding the after party for(Alanis) Maddie's label, and the success off the aforementioned.
None of us were that psyched to tell you the truth.
Then someone set up a mic in the alley and stated that Sade was going to be here. It took less than five minutes for everyone @ Lemon to have a boner or hard nipples. I'm not lying. Frig Madonna...fucking Sade was going to be here.
Sade never showed, but tons of artists did. Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) smoothed over my dome and (he newly shorn) regaled in me.
The biggest 'what the fuck' came by seeing the guys from 'Alice in Chains.' Man, they looked so hot.
2 months later...Layne Stanely killed himself.
I honestly wanted to cuddle up to layne. He looked so hot, in a suit, I thought he had his shit together. I was wrong. Poor bubby.

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