Saturday, October 28, 2006

Alpha, Beta, Zeta

I hate talking about celebs here, but the inevitable happens. They are on the tube all day, on the covers of magazines (remember when Linda Evangilsta ruled), they are on voice overs in commercials and their every moves are blogged ad nauseam (sp).
I was living with Mrs. Italiano(mom) when I tuned into her basic cable and saw some (NBC...I think) movie based on 'Titanic"...this was like 4 months before the Leo/Kate blockbuster. The movie had a Speilberg connection or some sorts. As I was watching, I saw this captivating woman. She just took over the screen. She was freaking gorgeous in this, black haired, hazel eyed kind of way. The kind of chick you root for on a Miss Universe contest. The gorgeous underdog from Sri Lanka.
She was, as I watched the credits, Catherine Zeta Jones.
After that, I guess Speilberg in his lair, saw the rushes and popped one off while watching her.
Fast Forward...That dueling flick with scuzzy Banderas and then Connery.
Pat my back.
Okay, I'm waiting.

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