Thursday, November 02, 2006

Family 'Jules'

I have a song stuck in my head because I watch too much 'Spike TV.' Yeah, I watch every CSI (the Vegas one),'s "only on Spike." Spike is like 'Maxim', I know, but; I was deeply involved with any 'L&O' going on @ the time "CSI" aired.
Anyway, as with any cable channels, you start seeing the same commercials each time the segment breaks; and (as I was playing Literati or Scrabble to fall asleep to), it dawned on me. I know this song, and let's see, it's from a movie I love, yeah, I know this, I know this, and then the commercial ends and I loose my train of thought. Then a 1/2 hour later it comes on again. Closer...closer. Okay, this is a remake of a song, that was toned down. A song from the 80's. Closer. Boom, next commercial. Lost it again.
Humming, humming, humming...2 days. Snatch..."Donnie Darko" dammit!! That's it!
I went on line and looked for this song which was definately a remake of something I liked years ago but could not put my finger on it.
That's it. It was a 'Tears for Fears' song; "Mad World." But who is singing it?
Gary Jules! Gary Jules? Oh My God. Another person I saw scraping by in Los Angeles. He would play "Largo" where I worked and attract the worst crowds (his friends) and we would be 1/4 full. I hated his music and he thought he was so funny and cutting edge, yet he reminded me of this 30 something still hanging out on the corner with the 20 year olds (his crowd). But kudo's to him. Apparently he was childhood friends with the director of 'Donnie Darko', whom if you saw the movie, really had a thing for 'Tears for Fears.'

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