Saturday, November 04, 2006

As I Am

The header for this is a great Joan Jett song (I don't want to go on about how she was neglected for the R&R Hall of Fame-25 years in the industry is the pre requisite {she-30}) but my spirit is dying here. I'm trying to distance myself from the hospitality industry My last 6 jobs just say, chef, chef, chef, and I want to scream. I am so much more than this pseudo-monolithic chef. Each and every hour while working at hotels and/or restaurants i craved to have other people's jobs.
Working in a kitchen sucks big time.
I always seem to be envious of other people's occupations.
And then i will read about some big CEO who has taken up baking and it cracks me up. Yeah, get into the real world.
I have a kind of high IQ <---by reading that last sentance you would never know. I have a great speaking voice and great work ethics. (Is this "
I just want to get the frig out of the restaurant buisness.
You know what. Maybe I'm not "power" ready. But, three interviewee's have told me they thought I was too young to manage thier restaurants. (Steak Frite's be damned). And then I go for a waitering job and I feel like Oldy Von Moldy. These cattle calls with young hipsters. If I owned a restaurant I would not care if the waitress had a scoliosis brace on; as long as she represented.
I want to get into Civil Service. A desk job. Oh, God, tan pants make my ass look big.

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