Friday, November 03, 2006

How can you mend...a broken heart

What is your feeling on me dating a married man from Brooklyn with 2 kids, I'm curious?


Anonymous said...

go for it

Anonymous said...

4got to say, i love your blog

Anonymous said...

Hi Mickey...

How would you feel if you were the wife of the married man with two kids?

When you get into a serious relationship...think how you would feel if you got cheated on.

Karma, baby.

Think you are deep and love reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, Mickey...would you really want to get involved with someone that cheats on their significant other?

One of my gay friends once said, "The difference between a gay man and a straight man is a six pack of beer."

So, your married friend must be in denial of his "gayness"...he should tell his wife he wants a man and let her live her life. A woman can't compete with a man...she'll be devastated, but will get over it.

Just my second set of 2 cents worth...from a straight woman's perspective, btw!

mickeyitaliano said...

I hear you anonymous #3...I come from a cheating dad family. Honestly, I was really trying to get some feedback because I just found out. And I'm feeling kind of like the 'mistress'. He is one of these guido's who needs to show he is married and over compensates so much, yet when he is w/ me, he can't control himself. It makes me feel good (cause {and that's a big...cause} maybe I'm a good lover) and now, w/ this revelation I am thinking about the sad hidden life this dude has been supressing. Thanks for commenting man(or woman); you made me think.
And, I have been living karma-ish my Whole frigging life and I can't wait to reap the rewards (non aesthetically).
Much Love,

Anonymous said...

From Anom #3...

Mickey...I'm Italian, too. So, I understand you, culturally.

Of course you're a great lover, you're Italian! Duh!

I'm sure you watched "The Sopranos" with Vito Spatafore. You saw what his duality did to him. (Not that your "guido" is in the mob, or anything remotely like that.) Vito was a tortured soul who could only be himself with his "Johnny Cake".

Having said that, I think he needs to be honest with himself...and if he really wants you as part of his life (body and soul), he needs to come clean.

I think you're a good person who tries to do the right thing. This is his problem really, not yours. You are the innocent, which sucks.

Good luck, Mickey...

Laura (aka anom #3)

mickeyitaliano said...

Dear Laura;
Your not 'the doctor' are you? slight chuckle..
You have a great forsight. Honestly, I'm to blame me as well. This sorry sack of blood and guts is kinda inept.
I don't want to get graphic here; but as I was kissing his underarm; he was like "Oh, Mickey, oh mickey"
I felt good, for once.
I never look for rings, something that single girls do...
When he had to leave on the second get together after an hour; I thought; yeah; he's a cheating bastard; but with a guy.
I hope you don't think less of me, cause,
I'm a cool and decent person.
my love
and i am so glad to speak to you, vicariously through this blog

mickeyitaliano said...

PS i love the 'Soprano's' twist. you know my cousin Ray is 'little Carmine'
Take Care