Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday brunch

Does anyone know who Lisa Lampinelli is? She's a comedienne, and I warn you, if you go see her do not sit in the first three rows.(I sound like Jackie Hervey from The Onion) I watched the Jeff Foxworthy roast on Comedy Central last night when i woke at 3 and change. It was unedited. She's a frigging riot.
one of her punch lines ended with her saying: "that's like being called the prettiest one on The View"
on Greg Giraldo (a comedian) : He has 8 kids, ages 1 to 2.
Do not, i repeat, Do Not go to her show and sit within the stage, She will rip you a new one. Of course i have my two cents on this. We had comedy night @ Largo every Monday. The best 5 bucks you could spend in your week. Sarah Silverman, Andy Kindler, Jeannine Garafalo, kathy Griffin, Zach Galifinakis et al. Lisa L. played as well. She was kinda starting out. They would get 5 bucks and a draft Guiness. I knew she was going to go far. If going far means being on C.Central @ 3:30 am. ba-dum-bump.

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Tesa said...

I'd never heard of her until I got a press release from a local theatre that she's going to be playing there in December. The release mentioned the Foxworthy roast and how hysterical she was in it. I'm not sure my budget can afford to see her show. But, maybe I can get an assignment to cover it.

Wish I could have gone to Largo every Monday and see all those great comedians for just 5 bucks! I almost got to see Janeane Garofalo at Caroline's once. My flight home looked like it was going to be canceled, and if it was, I was gonna see janeane's 9 p.m. show and try to catch the red-eye home. Unfortunately for me, the friggin' flight didn't get canceled. :P