Saturday, November 18, 2006

Iconoclast or Trend Setter? You Decide.

So, the married guy just left for what I believe is the last time.
I'm not about to hear from my small but vocal female readers about this indescretion.

His screen name is something stupid. It's like a 'mafia' nickname, but lame.
"Joey the shnozz" is a lot better.

He comes from Italy...He was born there. His kids (sorry ladies) are 1st generation Americans. He was moved here at two years old.

I thought circumsision was kind of wide spread with Catholics? I guess not.

He won't leave me alone. I get like 20 Emails every M-W-Fri, the days I guess he is at the office.

He brought over a bottle of 'Jim Beam' last night.
As a writer, this looked like a scene out of a "made for Lifetime' movie.

The kissing made me part passionate and part revulsed. The oaky, cedar taste of the booze had me enticed for a bit, and then the best part of my brain kicked in. This is ALL WRONG. All of it. Kick him out, now, Mick, You are so much better than this. You desrve so much better.

I let him get his jollies off, as I basically played Suduko in my head.
The parting was uncomfortable, and that is a compliment.

I got an Email about an hour ago.
Can't this dude get the hint? I treated him so bad and he wants more.

Makes me think what an abysmal married life he has.

Here I am, in my stupid little world. No consequences, no debts, no worries. And then I am presented with this dude; kids, wife, double life, most likely a mortgage, uncut (hah) and commuting from Jersey.

I have to get my shit together. I am a smart guy and I should not be struggling like this anymore.

I'm going running.
I've got to clear my head.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mickey...

So, "Guido" is a SOB.

If you are sober, and you kiss someone that has been drinking, does it make you want to drink? Just curious. Once upon a time, I dated an alcoholic, but out of courtesy, never drank around him.

You are doing the right thing, kicking him to the curb. You know it. You're just too hot and "Guid" wants what he can't have! TFB for him.

F*ck with his head (literally). Make him miserable. He's deserving in more ways than one.


PS...I guess I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning! So negative!

mickeyitaliano said...

i'd say this came from the vocal female portion of my audience.
Thanks Laur, this was for you right from the start.

Anonymous said...

Ah, know I only post with love!