Thursday, November 16, 2006

Rhymes with "Hesbian"

This morning when I was getting ready for the onslaught of rejection (read:interviews) I switched the channels. On Oxygen; (never knew I got it) "Ellen" was on. It was "the puppy episode" which was the coming out one.
Cue the song "Memories".
And I was instantaniously transported to where I was at that moment. Kind of like "where were you when Kennedy got shot?", but gayer.

I decided to watch it at "Splash". (This was 1997 BTW)
A big ole gay club, that was having an 'Ellen" party.
At the time, my address was, Seat 4 c/o "The Port Authority." I lugged around this piece of rolling luggage; always. With the pretension I was off to 'merry ole England' or 'bringing back my winter stuff from my mom' as I went to interviews'. I actually was working at this (excuse the french) 'vermin ridden cock sucking place for 3 days' (City Crab-Park Ave. So)before they caught on and they fired me. (God; how sad). I just needed a week to get my shit together and the place(rat hotel) on Jane Street was too exspensive (176 a week).
Okay, back to "Ellen."
This my people (pre-outing, unfortunately) is one of the best sitcoms ever. She (and the cast) were spectacular. (kudo's to Jolie Fisher, the resplendant Clea Lewis and Jeremy Piven's hairplugs).
Okay, back to 'Splash.' I feel gross. I don't actually stink, but; a laundry mat and a mani/pedi
would be a plus.
I'm at the bar, (stealing drinks...sorry-sad face); when this kinda hottie in a suit tells me he is in love with my ass.
See, if I was Hotty F. McTwatty, I would shrug this off as a kind of 'construction worker' comment; but I was exremely needy at this point (and lacking my sleep index #).
Fast Foward to me leaving with this dude and me trailing a piece of Sampsonite on 3 wheels behind me (that i checked! {@ Splash}). <--- I am laughing my ass off now
I never saw this whole episode.
I remember a taxi uptown, and probobly passing out next to him before we did anything.

Today, watching this episode, I was laughing and smiling. It felt good, ya know.
At least I'm in a different place.
I'm smiling.
That's a good start.

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