Thursday, November 23, 2006

Kind of Funny

I'm alone today on this day of feasts. It's not sad, I just wanted to preface that.
I was reading all my old journals to kind of see what state of mine I was in on Turkey Days of past.
This particular entry had me laughing (due to the fact that I know the outcome now).
When working in the hospitality industry you miss a lot of holidays.
I was working @ the 'Tea Room' @ the time. I got off @ 9 ish. I had beucoup bucks in my pocket, so I went to 'Uncle Charlie's' this kind of upwardly mobile gay bar near my house.
It's not that I like the suit and tie set (it's not like I don't), I just liked playing the field.
Alphabet City one night, the preps the next. (That theory is mute these days). This was 1991.
Anyway, i was standing by the bar with an Amstel when this guy was like, staring at me.
I have horrible vision, and half the times that I do have vision, I am lacking a contact lens. Add to this insecurity, and you've got a psychosis party.
He was a hottie beyond belief.
We hooked up and stumbled to my place about 5 blocks away.
Never ask your fuck buddies what they do aside from cruising bars.
He started singing.
Oh, my God.
How do you look at this hot guy with ambitions and then crush them with a snarky comment.
I was like dead wood now (if you get my drift). I was disappointed.
He did not have to open his mouth at all (except to kiss me), yet he did and he turned me off.
I had to work the next am.
So, he was 'still asleep' as I showered.
I came back, woke him up and we parted.

Epilogue: On Dec.22 when I went Christmas shopping, I realized that my checking acct. was depleted. This prick with the horrible voice stole one of my inside checks. (I was on 110 and he stole 116). I claimed bank fraud (which I won). The asshole wrote on the Memo part: sofa.
Maybe he's getting fucked in jail. Ha!

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