Saturday, November 11, 2006


Even though I never thought some H'wood guy/girl could make me say yum.

Holy Shit; I have never watched C.S.I. I was too busy w/ all those freaking L & O's.
I love Meloni, Erbe, Hargitay, D'Onofrio and quite frankly, Waterson. But nothing prepared me for this guy.
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Anonymous said...

Hey Mickey...

I've been crushing on George Eads for awhile. But, last season, the hairdo...kinda ruined him for me. This season he's sporting a 'do much like yours...and he's looking mighty fine.


mickeyitaliano said...

Yeah? I'm not digging the shaved head on him. Maybe because us shaved head guys do not need any competition from hirsute guys.

Remeber that football player guy who got killed in Afganastan? Tillman? I think he could play him if such a movie evolved.