Friday, November 03, 2006

The Unbelievable Truth

It's sad. As you could guess, I was a great admirer of Adrienne Shelly's work, starting with the above movie by Hal Hartley. This movie is what sparked my interest in writing. It basically introduced me to 'Indie' Films, and I believe Hal Hartley and his muse Adrienne were on the threshold of this fantastic, introspective genre.
So too often underused in front of the camera, she decided to get behind the camera.
I used to wait on her at "Mappamondo" and, I kind of fawned over her (1991-ish; in a 'I won't say it but, I love your work, kind of non creepy way) as I would have Lili Taylor- my neck and neck hetero loves. Posted by Picasa

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