Saturday, November 25, 2006


Thanks to Chris Albrecht (sp?) @ HBO, we the viewing public of television have been given two of the greatest shows in the History of Television (according to me). You would think "The Soprano's" would be #1, but alas; I believe "6 Feet Under" usurps Tony and his 'families.'

This is the deal when these shows aired for me. I would look forward to them, like a dinner date. I would supply the wine and the atmospheric ambiance, and watch them.
But, sadly, I never realized their brilliance due to my imbibment. In the beginning of "SFU" I was working @ UTA and we would get the episodes the week before they aired. I think I was so in love with Claire's boyfriend Gabe (and his nose) that I was lost on the other storylines, and the acting brilliance that I admire so much while re-watching them now.
Nate? When Mrs. Fisher told Benda that he 'so fragile.'
David: Wearing Claire's shirt out on a date and his date coming back with an International Male quip.
Ruth Fisher: Absolute brilliance in acting.
Brenda & Billy Chenowith, Frederico and all the rest.
This my friends is the greatest show that ever begat the screen we look to pacify us.
I hope, if you've never seen this show you will heed my advice to watch.
I gotta pass a stone;
Jeremy Sisto

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