Sunday, November 12, 2006

Dear Bart

I forgot. Not "Born Innocent", not "Bad Ronald", not "Nightmare in Badham...". THIS IS MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE TV MOVIE EVER.
(Martha the mute sister). Robby (Ode to BillyJoe) Benson. Samantha Eggers. Jon Savage and Stacey Keach. Please tell me you've seen it.
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Bart said...

Yes, these are the backwoods orphans that force a couple to be Mommy and Daddy. This is your fave Mickey? I didn't love it, too disturbing, my tastes run more toward "Alex, the Other Side of Dawn" or anything with "Portrait" in the title.

mickeyitaliano said...

Yeah, but Bart; when this aired, I was starting to have crushes... on guys no less (my age); and that is why this holds such high marks for me. Aside from my crush on the first Chris Partridge (?), there was someone in this movie who I sat ga ga @ in front of the tv for. Remember I'm a year older than you.
When "Alex,the other..." came on; I was about to purchase a bus ticket to Hollywood. Hey, what happened to Leigh J. McClosky anyway? I'll investigate.
And; "Dawn..." was the key figure in me discovering "The Runaways."