Sunday, November 05, 2006

Mann or Mouse?

My favorite woman, Aimee Mann has a Christmas ??!!! Album out. First of all, how frigging hot does she look here? I implore you bastards (and bitches) to buy this.
One reviewer wrote (and I cracked up out loud-kinda rare) ; "Debbie Downer does Christmas"..he loved it, besides the alliteration. This is one of the greatest songwriters today, and if for that fact, ever. She also has the greatest husband, kindest soul in the world, Michael Penn. He of the 'romeo in black jeans' fame. I seem like some slap happy PR dude, but it's not true. Aimee played at Largo for every Tuesday in different months. I'd be working in the office and she would come in for sound checks. Sometimes her band was late and she would hang with me in the office. It was a 'Comfortable' silence, and sometimes i would make a comment and she would smile (genuinely) with that broad smile of hers. I frigging dig her so much, and she got robbed. She got robbed at the 'Oscars'. You know the rest. "Magnolia" and all. IF that is not enough, she does a cover of THE GRINCH song...Posted by Picasa


Leno said...

i just discovered your blog and i spent the last 3 hours going over your backlog.
Your quite funny, yet; I see that you are so honest and thought provoking. I just hope you do not become jaded or compromised.
As you say,
All the Best
Leno p.s. my name is Leano- not like the unfunny man

Tesa said...

Just came across your blogs about Aimee Mann and about noses. I also love Chris Meloni and his nose -- and the rest of him, too. :>

(I, too, am the owner of a nose of unique composition, shall we say.) :P

Aimee Mann is my favorite singer. I'm a writer and was lucky enough to interview her a couple of months ago and photograph her concert in Knoxville, Tenn., in Oct. I think it's really cool you got to hang out with her a few times. :)

Shamless self-plug: If you want to check out some of my pics of Aimee at the concert, you can see a few at or a lot more at

You can read my article on her at

I'm off now to read more of your blogs. :)


mickeyitaliano said...

Leno: I wish you left your Email so we could correspond. Tesa, I kinda) know.
Take Care,