Friday, November 17, 2006


I'm kind of envious of the Sedaris'.
If David was not enough you get Amy. Let alone Gretchen and the others.
When reading some of David's short stories, the story started out right, for a foray into the madcapped world of "The Santa Diary's" et al.
The four of us (brothers) sitting around a hideous kitchen table. My mother standing over with a More 120 ciggerette. Enter: Comedy Routine.
The sad thing is: Peter is a Jehovah, Phillip is a doctor with a penchant for gambling and he lost his house and Jackie (the baby) has not spoken to us since 1990 .
Kind of hilarious, no?


xiuxiu said...

You can still be a winner Mick

mickeyitaliano said...

I read your comment and was about to laugh, and then I got a gigantic lump in my throat.
Thanks a lot