Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pertinent AA Slogan of the Day

(or one they borrowed)
"Things always have to get worse, before they can better."

If you really dissect this sentence, linguistically, that is; it would seem that the moral would be, there is always room for improvement.
But, when you look at it from the point of view of someone who is already down, it brings hope.

After futile interviews and compounded stress about not making the right impression on said interviews; I am pleased to announce the birth of job #96 (no shit).
It will be paying the bills and then some, since I live so minimally when I'm broke and I kind of don't reach that far out of the box when I do have duckets. (shoes are a big thing, and coats {with winter almost here} are a compulsion)

I just have to 'make this work', ya know. I'm sober and stable and I actually feel pretty great despite recent fluctuating weight (which really knocks my dick in the dirt due to childhood issues) and jonesing to drink based on insecurities.

**Note to Bart: I was with you through your whole interview process (month+week) and when you did get hired I was delighted.

The funny thing is, I got hired on the spot. They were not desperate (I don't think). But when I interjected that I took the day off (cough...lie) to interview today, the offers started rolling out.

Man, I think, tonight, I will be able to sleep, unobstructed for 6 hours.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mickey...

I'm really happy to read about your turning tides.

You are truly a special person (and I mean that in a nice way)!


mickeyitaliano said...

People like you make me want to express myself (i.e. Pour my freaking heart out), and even though I hate 'high five's' et al; I appreciate your happiness for me. I love having this outlet and getting feedback from strangers only represented by an avatar; because, I take every viewpoint to heart.
All the Best.
Love, Mickey

Bart said...

Being out of work sucks the life out of you. I had a five year period where I got fired twice, worked for approx 21 month, collected unem 3 periods for 26 then 26 then 13 weeks. Interviewing is horrible. HR people are miserable. I am very happy for you.

mickeyitaliano said...

This is not going to be some cheesey 7 people you meet in heaven thing with me and you. I wish, we could have been allies in high school. Two, fucking cool gay guys. We would rule.