Sunday, November 05, 2006

More brunch

I hit 'publish' before i finished.

First off: "Madonna on Regis": credible, looking good for what? 47 ish.

Second; Watching Russell Crowe on '60 Minutes'. Has anyone else noticed that his lips are delectable. Here i am, jumping on the bandbagon again. When I was a foreign film newbie, i saw this Austrailia film .. Gay son and dad. This movie ripped my heart. It starred, a young R.Crowe.

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Tesa said...

I loved "The Sum of Us," the gay son movie starring Russell Crowe. It's the first film of his I ever saw. He hit it big in the US about 2 years after I saw it, and I kept trying to figure out why he looked so familiar to me, then I realized he was the gay son in that really cool Oz flick. :)