Thursday, November 16, 2006

Off with her head


It used to be Tony Ward.
Ya know, kind of crushing.
Not much else out there these days.
Just mangled and refangled kind of guys.
90210 noses and abs.
Fresh breathe from New York
in the name of S.V.U.
Along with Jayne's daughter
From the perch
It's quite aview

Have you watched S.V.U. lately with Connie Nielson as Stabler's new partmer? The frigging sexual tension is so tight and sexy. Cripes, when he wears that thermal shirt...That is sexy.I effing love this chick (but I have a major affinity for Danes). I dig Marishka, and I know all about the baby weight, but can't Dick Wolf just het rid of Ice T?


Tesa said...

I want Dick Wolf to get rid of everyone on Sports Utility Vehicle except Meloni in the tight thermal shirt. Every week, just 44 minutes of nothing but Meloni and his chest. Now, THAT's what I call call "Must-See TV." :>

Oh, if only I'd known when I saw him on the set of "Oz" back in 2000 that someday my hormones would fall in love with him (still kicking myself). I should have velcro'd myself to him. :P

mickeyitaliano said...

Hysterical Tesa...
my feelings exactley