Friday, November 17, 2006

I think it was 1988

When I started to really keep a journal. (234 Thompson St.) My best friend Eddie lived with me, and he was a fricking nosey rosey. I was still a closet case but acting out quite voraciously at Uncle Charlie's(especially Friday).
This item I am to present comes from one of the first hard covered books i baught with the intentions of being my journal. (As opposed to spiral notebooks).
After some intro's, this ditty starts it:

Vodka -80 proof

Vodka, Vodka in my veins
Floating in my body and brains.
Vodka always mixes nice
Add any juice and ice.

6 dollars will buy a quart
makes me feel all out of sort.

Vodka mixed with juice of grage
Makes me fold just like a crepe.
Cheap vodka is no good alone.
Makes me slur and pick up the phone.

Can't afford the imported stuff
Goes to show that times are rough.
When i pour I go half and half;
I watch t.v. and cry and laugh.

Vodka makes my libido wait
Takes so long to masterbate
Vodka makes my past seem near
And then I awaken,
With a fear.


Liam said...

Would it be faggy to want to hug you right now. I hope my wife will not mind.
Cheers mate

mickeyitaliano said...

No Liam;
I implore this action.