Saturday, November 18, 2006

One last word on these stones

In 7th grade I did a thing on the urinary tract for the science fair. I bought those glass tubes that you use in fish tanks for the urethra (franklin...hah). It is through this that I feel like a golf ball is trying to go down. It's like sliding down, and it has those golf ball ridges and concaves. Every three minutes I'm like, "Oww." Ungghh. My neighbors must think I'm having the best sex of my life.
Like 4 days ago i was thinking about my diet and that I really needed some vegies in my system. Who knew. Oww. Unghhh.
I forgot to ask the doctor why I have a raging hard on (sorry about the visual), I could not hear him because I have frigging Sprint.
I do know one thing he told me; have a cocktail and try to get some sleep.
It will Pass.
Yeah, at what exspense?
I'm going to church tomorrow morning.
They are all phonies so it does not matter which denomination. I just wanna hear some decent words.
I'm off til next week, I've wrote a boatload these last coupla days.
I hope for your sake I did not go on too long.
Love, Mick

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