Saturday, November 04, 2006

Don't be a Hero

I met Billy on my third day @ Rehab. He is a gregarious guy. While all of us were waiting to be procesesedl in 3 days; he waited for 25. Then he came to my small group. We shared a lot there. We sat next to each other all the time, it was a given.
Last week Billy called me and he was so fucking wasted. I need to retract that. He called me about 3 weeks ago and I saved the message w/out listening to it. I was erasing all my saved messages the other day and I came upon this. "Dude, i fucking love you so much, I think about you all the time, i can't rationalate, i mean rational, wait; I know the word, rationalinizing...laugh...I am so fucked up...rationslization, right?"
I called Billy tonight. He's 'juggling 3 chicks' and he was popping a beer as we talked. I guess he is cured. Lourdes? I can't judge.
i frigging need strength.

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