Sunday, November 26, 2006

Da nah nah nah nah nah

There was a funny episode of 'Wings' where one of the main characters was at a fancy party with a piano, and all he played was the theme to "Entertainment Tonight."

Being kind of laid up (I have 2 more stones to pass, {5 in all}) I've read a lot of newspapers and a lot of blogs.
Yes, I saw the Brittney sans panty pictures and I could give a shit(or stone). What really has me questioning my value in this world is the fact that I am absolutely drawn to those pictures of Angelina and Brad in Vietnam on the scooter. God Almighty, she is the freaking hottest woman in the world. She just really makes me transfixed to everything about her. Her pose on the scooter, her make up, her posture, her icy glare oblivious to the (i'm assuming) mounds of photogs. She's just this cool chick, who has a freaking great heart and she hit the genetic lottery.

When I worked @ Largo (in L.A.), Kathy Najimi's (the heavy woman from 'Sister Act' fame) husband had this band called, "The Dan Band." His catchphrase was, "Just a guy; singing woman's songs." He would do medleys of "I've never been to me" and "Waterloo" and shit like that. We made bucks those nights. She basically knows EVERYONE in Hollywood, so one night, Brad and Jen came. Honestly, the H-wood crowd there (max 125 people) did not stir with them in the midst.
If I was to ask him a stupid question, it would be, "How was it working with Tina Louise?" (Johnny Suede). But that's not me. I've never been really attracted to him (he did look great in 'Thelma and Louise').
He must look crappy (ish) in High Def, because he has awful skin (yeah, there is a God). Anyway, he's not my type.
I like him so much more now. When I see him carrying Maddox or Zahara.
Besides, we are the same age, so i have that affinity with him.
I hate being so pulled into some photog's infringement on privacy. But I like these pics.
I also LOVE the new Amex commercial with Ellen and the animals.

I am starting to believe that these Kidney Stones were begot from me. I was stressing Big Time. I have so many pimples on my face that I pick and pick, because all I do is play with my face and stress out. It cost me 9 bucks at the hospital to fax to my new job, that I was in the hospital. (Chuckle) I don't do that for anyone. And these pricks said; they can not use me. Even though I said it would be 6 days max.
Do you wanna know how fast a hospital sends their bill?
I stayed at my Mom's the first night, and the next day when I got home, the bill was there.
My evil credit rating of 666 is now going to be skewed.
There is a great line in "Longtime Companion' when (Jake), the hottie from "16 Candles" says a disease is just a dis-ease of the body. I love that part. He is so sincere.
Highlight of this is that i think I found a doctor to fill my presciptions for anti-d's.

Other News
Iraq is a miasma
Russia is still kind of evil

Everytime I have to pee, it's like a celebration. I have to inspect the bowl, to see if i (sorry0 passed anything, and guess what...I have to pee now.


xiouxiou said...

Mick...I sent you an Email. I'm going to be in NYC in Dec. I hope we could meet.

mickeyitaliano said...

I think your email got filtered. i can't put you up my brother. I live a kind of simple life. i would totally dig meeting you though. Let's do that, okay?
I'm not ailienating my few guests.
I look forward to meeting you, Xiou.
Take Care,